Bonuses & Referrals


Referring people to our Community is OPTIONAL and NOT a must. You will not be required to recruit anyone to join this Community. However, if you decide to refer other people to this Community, you will be rewarded by each time the people you introduced to the Community introduce other members as well by creating a dream.


Bonuses will be paid as shown on the table below.

Example: A member that creates a dream of 100,000.00 enables you, the person who introduced him/her to be rewarded with 7,000.00. This amount will be paid to you as soon as the user activates their dreams by providing help to another community member.

Bonus Table

Description Level % of Donation
1st Generation Referrals 1 7%
2nd Generation Referrals 2 3%
3rd Generation Referrals 3 2%
4th Generation Referrals 4 1%
5th Generation Referrals 5 1%

Special Members Rewards

Gold Star Bonus.
Any member who directly refers 60 Active Affiliates into the community within 30 Days will receive a Gold Star Reward of 250,000.00 Extra Cash Bonus in their wallet.

Platinium Star Bonus.
Any member who have 250 Active Affiliates in the community in both their 1st level and 2nd level affiliates within 60 Days will receive a Platinum Star Reward of 1,000,000.00 Extra Cash Bonus in their wallet.

Mega Platinium Star Reward.
Any Team Builder who have a total of 3,000 Active Affiliates in thier community in both their 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation within 120 Days will receive a Mega VIP Platinum Reward of 3,000,000.00 Extra Cash Bonus in their wallet..